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    Offering a large selection and wide variety of beers is Taco Mac’s claim to fame. Taco Mac Brewniversity is our famous loyalty program dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of delicious, unique and rare craft beers. As you climb the collegiate ladder of beer you receive credits for each different brew that you purchase. Since many selections differ from draught to bottle, you get credit for each.

    Each time you journey to Taco Mac to work on your Report Card, please present your Brewniversity I.D. to your server to see a print out of what you have achieved so far. (Draught beers will print out UPPERCASE; Bottles will print out Title Case.) To continue building your report card, compare it with the store’s individual Beer Menu and choose something new and interesting that you have not tried.

    There are some rules to your involvement with the Brewniversity, but the most important rule is to have fun and don’t be afraid to broaden your beer-drinking horizons! Please be sure to drink responsibly and assign a designated driver. The rest is up to you! Enroll in Taco Mac Brewniversity today and earn your degree without ever leaving your bar stool.