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  • Ace Joker 6.8%
    Ace Joker

    Ace Joker Cider is a new premium Champagne like cider produced by The California Cider Company (CCC). Light in color with a 8% alcohol content, this delicious addition to our foray of ciders can be tried on tap at our pub, Ace-in-the-Hole, or from 22oz bottles. The Joke is on us! Ace Cider is gluten free!

  • Ace Pear Cider 5%
    Ace Pear Cider

    Ace Pear is made from a base of 100% pure local apple juice. Pear essence is added to give the cider its distinctive pear taste; a taste so fresh and natural it is already proving as popular as its more traditional apple counterpart.

  • Founders KBS '17 11.2%
    Imperial Stout
    Founders KBS '17

    A bit of backwoods pleasure without the banjo. This strong stout is brewed with a hint of coffee and vanilla then aged in oak bourbon barrels. Our process ensures that strong bourbon undertones come through in the finish in every batch we brew. We recommend decanting at room temperature and best enjoyed in a brandy snifter.

  • Full Sail Session Black 5.4%
    Dark Lager/Dunkel
    Full Sail Session Black

    Session Black is short dark and totally drinkable. The initial tastes are a subtle pairing of caramel and chocolate malt flavors with precise hopping to provide an elegant citrus background to the delicate finish of dark cocoa.

  • Full Sail Session Lager 5.1%
    Full Sail Session Lager

    Original Session with the bright red label is a classic all-malt pre-Prohibition style lager that reminds us of what American lagers used to taste like. It's flavorful refreshing and has a touch of that import-style taste. (Which once upon a time you didn't have to buy an import to get.) Oh and it comes in a stubby 11-oz bottle like your grandpa used to buy. So after your next session (surf jam gab whatever) crack open a Session and drink to the good old new days.

    Named World's Best Premium Lager at the World Beer Awards and winner of a slew of other shiny trophies Session has truly earned itself a place at the bar. Not to mention the barbeque.

  • Terrapin Hopsecutionr Can 7.3%
    Terrapin Hopsecutionr Can

    You love hops, you ask for hops, and Hopsecutioner delivers! This Killer IPA earns its title by being brewed with six different hops to create an aggressive, yet exceptionally well-balanced, beer. Expect citrus and pine on the nose with a beautifully bitter finish; a strong malt backbone keeps the bitterness in check. We brewed this IPA for hop lovers… you may lose your hop head over this one!